Tips For Packing For A Vacation In Dubai

Known for its heated daytime and freezing cold time, dubai is one of the best destinations for a family. It has everything that can entertain anyone from any age group simultaneously and you will be sure to have a blast during your vacation. But if you are not from the same climatic zone you might have trouble trying to pack to fit in properly. So here are some ideas on what to pack, how and still staying within the weight constraints of airlines.

Essentials pack that stays with you

For those who are with little kids you might have already gotten used to having a pack of emergency items with you the whole time you are travelling. And whether you have kids or not, this emergency pack is something that should be taken when you are travelling. There are unforeseen situations which can arise like your luggage getting misplaced or stolen. So when travelling to dubai make sure to have your backpack or a small carry on bag with your official documents, wet towels, toothbrush and toothpaste and something to cover your head when you travel. Although you can go with your head uncovered to almost all the places in the country, it is better to be prepared due to cultural reasons and also to hide from hot sunrays.

Pack clothes that are light but not short

Short clothing is not very welcome in the country where religious and cultural themes run deep so take clothing made of material that absorbs sweat easily and is light, like cotton. Take long pants and clothes that cover you completely as it will easier for you to be comfortable. Otherwise be prepared for a lot of staring and feeling uncomfortable. Take enough clothes to cloth you for three days as you can do laundry at the hotel you are staying at. Make sure to take light shoes and sandals (which are ideal for going in sand during evening desert safari).

Do your research before leaving

It is an extremely good idea to research the country that you are going to before you arrive there. As the famous saying goes ‘when in Rome, do as Romans do’ and this applies in modern day when visiting another country. You will have to accommodate your own habits and such to make sure that you are inclined with the culture of that country. All the attractions and desert safari deals should be well researched so you are prepared to enjoy them.

Try to ask around from people who have been to dubai about how it is and what you should and should not do there. You do not want to end up in jail because you made a wrong gesture or something and ruin your vacation.


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