Which Mounts

Selecting the Best Mount for your rifle
Where possible we recommend you use a Sportsmatch One Piece Mount. Certain models of rifle including most pre-charged pneumatic air rifles and bolt action rifles do not easily allow the use of a One Piece Mount though. Sportsmatch Two Piece Mounts can be used for such rifles. They are extremely tough and dependable and like all Sportsmatch products ‘guaranteed for life’

Dovetail width
About 95% of air rifles and rimfire rifles have 9.5 – 11.5mm dovetails. We offer an extremely comprehensive range of such mounts including fully adjustable versions which even feature lateral adjustment for precision dovetail centering.

We also offer mounts with wider dovetails such as our 13mm series which fit most modern BSA air rifles. Our 15mm versions suit Tikka and CZ527 rifles as well as our 17mm version which suits CZ550 rifles and Parker Hale bases. Some confusion can occur as some rifle manufacturers state the dovetail width at the widest point but our dimesions are measured at the narrowest as we find this more accurate. If unsure please contact us. Some rifles have a Picatinny / Weaver rail which is wider and a different angle to most dovetails. We offer mounting soulutions for this common system also.

Scope body tube diameter
The most common size is 1 inch but 30mm versions are becoming increasingly common. Before choosing your mount you will need to know which size your scope is.

Height of mount required
As you will see from our products page we state an ‘upto lens diameter’ dimension. Due to rifle and scope designs varying hugely this can only be used as a guide. If you are unsure that the height of the mount will be suitable we suggest (prior to purchase) checking using the diagram on this page. The ‘A’ dimension is listed next to each product on the products page. The way we establish that objective lens clearance is sufficient is by halving the overall diameter of the scope objective lens and then deducting half the scopes body tube diameter. This then gives the figure from the top of the ‘A’ dimension